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Solving problems for taxpayers dealing with IRS audits and potential tax deficiencies.

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Have you received a letter saying that the IRS is auditing you?  A notice of deficiency saying more taxes are due?  Is the IRS preparing to collect those additional taxes?  Do you need to negotiate with the IRS or even go to court to protect your rights? 

The IRS is one of the most powerful opponents imaginable and the process for resolving issues is incredibly complex.  Most people do not have the knowledge and training to deal with tax problems effectively and get the best result possible.  At best, it can be a bewildering, confusing experience; at worst, it is intimidating and terrifying.

If the IRS tries to mug you, you need a
tax bodyguard– someone who will walk into that dark alley and get you out safely.

That’s what we do for you.